Hi, Welcome to my life...

Sharing my rediculous journey as I navigate my way through Motherhood of all boys, Being a Badass Thug Wifey to the love of my life, I've known since I was 4 years old,  battling Postpartum Fitness challenges, my passion for a variety of Martial Arts and undying passion for Sugar Bagels. ​​
Random acts of Kindness, Rap Music, Relaxation & Positive Vibes.
I'm unpredictable and ready for Adventures at a moments notice....so long as there are snacks!
Where did Thug Wifey Come from? 
Its an inside joke about my Basic White Suburban Soccer Mom appearance and crazy love for Rap Music, MMA & Tattoos....​​"She's a complex creature"...some say I'm the youngest senior citizen they know, i enjoy a good Mall walk, and early bird breakfast and the occasional game of BINGO; and some are shocked that I'm about to round 40, because I'm one of those young at heart types....at least thats what I keep telling myself....insert gut busting laughter* Denial is a beautiful thing.

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